About Us

We began as sisters, two of eight children, and our foundations were strengthened by the love of a large family. In the formative years, we were taught by the best. Faith in God was Mom and Dad's first lesson and their greatest gift. Mom conquered attention to detail, working together and negotiation skills while basic home repair and home construction were the lessons of a father who could fix or build anything. Mom and Dad built 3 family homes each one filled with more love than the previous. When we left home to begin lives of our own, we had many gifts and lessons to share.

Today, we are owners of PR Realty Group and provide a step-by-step, straight forward approach to homeownership to clients in Lexington, Louisville, and the Central Ky region. Together, we have over 30 years of real estate experience and PR is a growing real estate sales company. Known for our sales success, it is our marketing, work ethic, knowledge of home construction and family life that bring purchase offers to the closing table. Successful real estate investment requires market knowledge, smart strategies, detailed organization, the ability to negotiate, and Faith that our footsteps are being guided. Bring us your dreams of homeownership. WE'RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, ONE CLIENT AT A TIME.